9a, 10a, 11a – KB Classes w/ Coach Murpy

12p – Yoga.  Show up and improve your flexibility.

1p – 3p – Open Gym.  If you plan on doing the CF Games WOD 13.3 this is the time to do it.

Strength Circuit (15 Min)
A: KB Snatch (5 each arm)
B: Box Jump x2 (add height when possible)
C:  KB Bulgarian Split Squat (5 each leg)

* Go through the stations at a good pace. This is not a race or a WOD.  The idea is to challenge yourself and to add weight whenever possible.  Add height to the box jump when ever possible.  You do not have to jump down.  You can step down if you want.

WOD #1 – 10!
Rep Scheme of: 10 reps at each movement, then 9, then 8. . .
KB Swing (55/35)
Med Ball Cleans
Push Ups w/ hand release
** Please stay tight on the push ups. Solid reps, no saggy hips full lock out at the top.

WOD #2 – 10! Reversed
Rep Scheme of: 1 rep at each movement, then 2, then 3 . . .
Wall Climbs
Air Squat (stay on your heels, knees out, hit depth and overall perfect form)
KB Snatches (55/35; 1 rep equals 1 rep each side)

Creative mobility work with Coach Noal & Gilligan.

Creative mobility work with Coach Noal & Gilligan.