Strength & Technique: KB Snatch x3 + Windmill x3
* Work on one side without stopping.  It is ok to rest for a few seconds when going between the right side and the left side.  This is about control and perfect form to improve shoulder strength, mobility & control.
* Work back and forth on each side for 4 or 5 total sets.
* Start light and increase weight when you can; 13 min time limit

WOD I: 10m AMRAP of KB Clean & Press x10 (55/35) + Air Squats x20
* 10 reps each side, alternating any way you need to.

WOD 2: 10m AMRAP of KB Swings to Eye Level x10 + Wall Balls x10 (20/14)
* KB Swing is to eye level, try to use a heavier KB than you are used to. If you need to scale down half way through the WOD than do so. This is a chance to use something heavier.  Again, use the heaviest KB possible.

WOD 3: 5m AMRAP of mobility.  You pick the focus. Do it.
* Hips, shoulders, back, hammies pick an area improve it.
* Need some ideas . . . Mobility WOD