9a, 10a, 11a – Kettle Bell Training

12p – Yoga

1p – 3p Open Gym Time

Strength / Skill (15m skill):
Bulgarian Split Squat – 6 Sets of 3 (adding weight with kettle bells each time)
* KB above head, at your sides, in the rack position. Your choice, just add weight and challange yourself 110%.
* After each set of 3 perform 5 – 8 push ups with a close grip.  If you want to add a challege to this: do them with your feet elevated on a box or do them with your hands on a single KB (or both).

WOD #1 – 5 Rounds for time (15 min cap)
400m Row + 30 KB swings to above head (55/35)

WOD #2 – 5 Rounds for time (15 min cap)
15 Med Ball Clean Wall Balls (20/14)
10 KB Clean & Press (55/35) (5 each side)

 Coach Peterson will be teaching an Endurance Seminar this coming Sunday.  Check the schedule for details.