3/22 Updates

  • Yoga with Kristen this Sunday & Next Sunday @ 11am. Join our virtual class @Kdwellness on Instagram live! 1 Hour, all levels – all welcome!
  • Daily Zoom Classes coming soon…
  • Mobility with Coach Cara coming soon…
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WHEN: MARCH 17th – APRIL 7th 
WHAT:  At Home Lifestyle Challenge

Defined @ Home Workout: Day #6/22 Mandatory Quarantine

Pre/Post Wod Home Mobility:
Spend 5 minutes with this stretch before and 5 minutes after your workout!
Couch Stretch Demo and Coaching Cues – Video

Every 4 minutes; perform the following: 10 Rounds
Stair Sprints X 30 seconds, max effort – Video
KB/DB or Backpack Russian Swing X 15 reps (heavy) – Video
Heartbeat Air Squats X 20 reps (light) – Video
Side Plank X 30 seconds each side – Video

Coaches Notes:
– Keep your equipment as close to the landing of your stairs as you can.
– Sprint up and down stairs for 30 seconds as fast as possible, immediately following, perform your swings, squats and planks. Rest remaining time of each 4 minute round.
– Hustle Goal: Finish each round in under 2:45!
– Reduce squat and swings by 5-10 reps in order to finish each round in under 3:30.

*Stairs: Find a half flight of stairs that are ideally 8-12 stairs in height.

*Swings: This is your “heavy” station. Using a Kb, Db or loaded backpack. Keep the movement pattern and find what you can in the house that you can swing safely! 

*Squats: This is your “light” station. Using anything in your house you can extend at arms length during your squat. This doesn’t have to be heavy to be effective!