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WHEN: MARCH 17th – APRIL 7th 
WHAT:  At Home Lifestyle Challenge
Today’s Daily Challenge: 
Put pen to paper and fill one page with: 
Something you’re thankful for, something you’re looking forward to, an intention for tomorrow, a story, even a motivational quote.

We leave the reflection open-ended, a space for you to use as you see fit. 

Defined @ Home Workout – Sunday “SLR + KBs”

4 Rounds: Every 3 minutes perform the following;
Turkish Get-up X 1 rep, (right arm) – Video
Strict Press X 5 reps, – Video
Push Press X 4 reps, – Video
Push Jerk X 3 reps, – Video
Split Jerk X 2 reps – Video
Turkish Get Down X 1 rep
*Perform on Left side as well.

Coaches’ Notes:
Every 3 minutes for a total of 4 rounds, perform the complex on both the right side and left side. Rest remaining time of each round. Take 15 seconds to perform the Turkish Get-up to standing then perform the shoulder to overhead reps in the middle, then take 15 seconds to perform the Turkish Get-down to lying.

*Turkish Getup Complex: Using a Db, Kb or any object that you can find in the house that challenges you and mimics the suggested movement pattern. This weight can be as heavy as you can maintain proper form. See videos above!
6 Rounds: Every 3 1/2 Minutes, perform the following; (30 minutes)
Side plank X 30 seconds each side – Video
Jumping Air squats X 20 reps – Video
Russian Swings x 15 reps  – Video
*With remaining time:
Stair Sprints x max effort – Video  
Rest 90 seconds 

Coaches’ Notes:
Work for 3 1/2 minutes, rest 90 seconds for a total of 6 rounds! Keep your equipment as close to the landing of your stairs as possible. Perform your sides planks, jumping air squats and Russian swings as fast as possible and with remaining time perform as many stair sprints as possible. Reduce squats and swings by 5-10 reps in order to leave at least 30 seconds of stair sprints per round.

Movement Optimization:

*Stairs: Find at least a half flight of stairs that are ideally 8-12 stairs in height. 

*Swings: This is your “heavy” station. Using a Kb, Db or loaded backpack. Keep the movement pattern and find what you can in the house that you can swing safely! 

*Squats: This is your “light” station. Move fast, keep your chest up and weight in heels!