• In person outdoor classes + 1 on 1 Personal training starting Wednesday, June 3rd!
  • Zoom classes on hold first week of June!
  • Social distancing & Sanitation guidelines coming soon!
  • June’s temporary Class Schedule coming soon!
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Defined @ Home Training:

A. “KBS”
EMOTM x 10 minutes;
ODD Min:
Perform on each arm in this minute:
1 X Snatch – Video
2 X Push Press – Video
Turkish Get Down – Video
Turkish Get up 
10 X Cossack Squats – Video
15 X Toe Tap Crunch – Video

B. “SLR”
Girl WOD “Kelly”
5 rounds for time:
400m run
30 X Box Jumps Video
30 X Wallballs Video

*repeat WOD from 4.26.20

Coaches’ Notes:
Part A.
Stay light to medium in weight for the KB/DB complex. Complete the round in 45 seconds or less. Add weight/object in your hands for the toe crunches and Cossack Squats to increase difficulty.
Part B.
If you can, go outside, get some fresh air, and vitamin D for this workout.

*KB/DB complex: Can be completed with any object in the household that challenges you and mimics the movement.
*Elevated toe taps: Can be completed using just body weight or any object in the household that challenges you and mimics the movement.
*Run: We have a few options for you today. If you are running outside but don’t have a 400 meter mapped out: run 1 minute out + run 1 minute back. If you are running in the hallway of your building, keep it to a total of 2 minutes (think shuttle sprint style). If you are choosing to stay inside: Perform 1 minute of mountain climbers + 1 minute of Wall Sprints. – Video
*Box Jump: Can be performed on a sturdy and safe box, chair, park bench or anything that mimics the movement. Step-ups are permitted. Do not worry too much about the height of the equipment but rather focus on the movement quality.
*Wallball: Using any piece of equipment and target that mimics the movement. Basketball, soccer ball,  softball, etc. Do not worry too much about the height of your “target”. Find any empty space, wall, pole, post, target for these. Can substitute 30 thrusters if needed Video