Defined Schedule: Live Virtual Classes
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*Daily Class recordings: Available here once the Noon class has finished! 

  • Monday – Friday: Noon & 6pm daily. 
  • Thursday: 5pm Mobility with Coach Cara.
  • Saturday: 9am Team WOD. 
  • Sunday: 11am Recovery Yoga with Kristen. 
  • Daily At Home Training posted 9pm every night.
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WHAT:  At Home Lifestyle Challenge
Today’s Daily Challenge: 
Read 15.
Read 15 pages of the book you never finished and let us know what you’re reading!

 Defined @ Home Workout

Warmup led by Coach Kevin and Cara on Zoom Class, Noon & 6pm!
(10 minutes)

Foot/Hip Stability Training – Hip Airplane! Video
Spend 2-3 minutes per leg. Watch video for all progressions starting from the floor progressing to the full single leg standing position! Take your shoes off, grip the floor with your feet and practice how your foot connected to the floor creates stability in the knee and hip! Perfect preparation for any single leg movements like running!

5 Rounds: Every 5 minutes, perform the following;

Run X 200 meters
Overhead Squat with PVC/Broomstick X 20 reps – Video
Box Jumps X 20 reps – Video
Bear Crawl X 1 minute – Video
Rest remaining time of each round!

*Hustle Goal: Finish each round in under 3:45!

Coaches’ Notes:
Every 5 minutes, perform the work above as fast as possible, resting time remaining of each round! The faster you work the more time you have to rest. The goal is to leave at least 1 minute on the clock per round to recover. Reduce your Box jump and Overhead squats by 5-10 reps if needed to finish by the 4 minute mark of each round!

Movement Optimization:
*Run: We have a few options for you today. If you are running outside but dont have a 200 meter mapped out: run 30 seconds out + run 30 seconds back. If you are running in the hallway of your building, keep it to a total of 1 minute. If you are choosing to stay inside: Perform 1 minute X Wall Sprints. – Video

*Overhead Squats: Using a towel, PVC, broomstick, etc.. Keep your chest up, weight in heels and shoulders externally rotated!

*Box Jumps: Jump or stepup to a height that is at least at or above knee height. Open up your hips at the top of each jump. Stepping back down from each rep is suggested!