3/26 Updates: 

  • Daily Live Class: Zoom broadcast at Noon with Coach Kevin & Cara. CLICK HERE TO JOIN! 
    *Update: Zoom is having delays with recording content, we will post each day’s video if it becomes available. 
  • Mobility Wod: Thursday, 5pm on Zoom with Coach Cara. Use the same link above!
  • Daily Wod: Posted to Website, 9pm nightly.
  • Video Demo: Posted to Defined Instagram, 9am daily.
  • Daily Challenge: Posted to the Defined Instagram, Noon daily
  • Yoga with Kristen, Sunday @ 11am.

Core Prep: 3 Rounds: (10 minute Running Clock)
20 sec X Side Plank Rotations, Left side – Video
10 reps X Towel Pike ups – Video
20 sec. X Side Plank Rotations, Right side
10 reps X Table Top reps – Video
40 sec. X Crab Walk, hips up – Video
– Feet first is harder. Maintain hips high while moving!
Rest 1 minute

Coaches’ Notes:
Perform the work above for quality not quantity. Watch videos of each station for movement and positional cues.

“Death By” Every 90 on the 90: Perform the following; (12 minutes)
Single Arm Russian Swing, Left – Video
Single Arm Russian Swing, Right – Video
Pillow Slam Burpees – Video

*Hustle Goal: Complete all 8 rounds, with the last round of 12 reps completed before the clock runs out!

Coaches’ Notes:
Every 90 seconds perform the suggested rep scheme as fast as possible, resting remaining time of each round. Round 1 starts with 5 reps of each movement. Each round increases by 1 rep with round 8 ending with 12 reps of each movement. It is your goal to build in as much rest as possible for each round. If you get to a round you cannot complete. Reduce reps by 2 and continue with the remaining rounds at that number until all 8 rounds have completed!

Movement Optimization:

*Single Arm Russian Swing: Using a Db, Kb or any object that you can find in the house that is challenging and mimics the same movement pattern. This weight can be as heavy as you can maintain good form. See video above for movement cues!

*Pillow Slam Burpees: Using a medball or slamball if you have it. If you dont, use your heaviest pillow and get aggressive!