Squat Problems – Ankles or Hips?  Find out HERE

Friday we will be finding a 1 Rep Max with the Floor Press, if you are going to be gone please try to come in today to make that lift up. The next couple weeks we will continue with 1 Rep Max tests so we have new numbers to base your training on.

To go over what happens on Thursday.  There is a coach or two at every class to help offer technique pointers and cues for each athlete.  You can work on a missed workout from Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday or you can work on a skill that you would like to improve.  Either way a coach is there to give you a hand.

5:30a, 6:30a, 12p, 4p, 5p, 6p – Open Gym w/ the coaches

7p – Rowing Endurance w/ Coach David & The Mark Peterson

7p – Olympic Lifting Instruction w/ Coach Noal & Coach Matt

8p – Boxing w/ Coach Ricky

8p – Gymnastics w/ Coach Kara

Please Note – CFD OLY CLASS Bulletin: We will be starting a 4 week program this Thursday, April 18th.

Our 2 major goals:

1) the improvement of performance

2) the capacity to deal with greater training loads in the future.

The exercise selection will reflect an emphasis on perfecting the mastery of technique of the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. Coach Noal will keep both OLY posts from the week on a whiteboard in the box. If you miss a class or can only come to 1 per week you will have the option to make it up in either Open Gym time slots. Unfortunately, he will not be able to keep an eye on you during these times! 🙂

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Duke Cannon soap, Bonk Breakers, wristbands, headbands, Progenex . .  Rx email work by Zoolander

Duke Cannon soap, Bonk Breakers, wristbands, headbands, Progenex and a 20lb weight vest . . Rx email work by Zoolander