DM Coach Cara for details at [email protected]

Next Foundations: December 5th and January 2nd. 

Short Cycle, Week 3/3

Strength Focus: Tall Jerk, Split Jerk Press, Power Jerk, Split Jerk
Conditioning Elements: Russian KB Swing, Crunches, Double Unders

Strength Focus: Deadlift, Pushups, Power Snatches
Conditioning Elements: Burpees, box jumps, TGUs, Rowing

Strength: Speed Squats
Conditioning Elements: Running, Wallballs, Alternating toes to bar

Strength Focus: Clean Complex
Conditioning Elements: Farmer’s Carry, Sandbag Bear Hug, Box Jump overs

*Full training details can be found in SugarWOD. Contact us at [email protected] for access.