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CFD Hoodies:  We have ordered the first round of hoodies and they should be in stock and ready to wear out of the box starting today!

Lost & Found:  Please check in with Lost & Found in the next few days.  If you lost an article of clothing, water bottle  or wodbook, please check the mezzanine near the overhead door for we are donating anything not claimed to charity at the end of the week.

Post WOD Scores:  With our new website we are hoping more people will share their stories, Prs, successes  questions, etc.. Just click on the link at the end of each post and write whatever comes to mind.  Our coaches will be checking in daily to answer any questions you may have!


A. Take 20 minutes-
Front Squats: Find your heavy 3 using a 1 1/4 tempo.
-1 1/4 squatting explained: Squat down to just below parallel, squat just above parallel, squat back down to just below parallel and then stand up. The movement should be mechanical and each pause should come to a full stop.
-Control is the name of the game!

3 Rounds: AFAP
Row 500 meters
20 pullups
30 pushups
40 abmat situps
50 air squats
Rest 3 minutes
Beginner/Intermediate: Complete 2 Rounds
Advanced: Complete 3 Rounds
*Recording your slowest time over 3 rounds
**Compare scores to 2.21.12

DSC01824 - Version 2