We are starting our 3rd and last cycle  with the Deadlift.  If you have completed the 2nd cycle with us and have been on the program since cycle 1, please add an additional  10lbs to your old 1RM Deadlift.  Use this new 1RM estimate to base all your percentages.

Once we are done with this last cycle we will establish new 1RM for the lift!

A1. Week 1 Cycle 3/3- Take 25 minutes
Wendler Week 1 Deadlift
Warmup Sets: 5×40%, 5×50%, 5×60%
Work Sets: 5×65%, 5×75%, 5+x85% (plus set)
*Keep in mind all sets are in preparation for your max effort “plus set”

A2.  Romanian Deadlift- Percentages are based on your 1RM Backsquat

3 Rounds-
Row for max calories – 1 minute
Kb Swings for max reps 55/35lbs – 1 minute
Pullups for max reps – 1 minute
Rest – 1 minute
*Recording max reps and calories completed over 3 rounds.
In similar format to a “Rowing Helen”, we will be working for 3 Rounds, 3 minutes ON with 1 minute rest.

C. Bonus Round- Optional
4×25 Banded Good Mornings

Lena getting #Meaty in Thailand! Hoozah

Lena getting #Meaty in Thailand! Hoozah