Lift Big, Week 2:  A perfect end to the last 2 weeks of Big Lifting would be to host a “Max Effort Day”: Focus will be on the Full Squat Clean. This Saturday 4/27 from 10-1pm.

“Lift Heavy, Drop Shit!”   Please click on this link to register and hold your spot.  There will be 3 Heats, each heat will be 1 hour long.  We will take up to 25 people in each heat, and there will be 3 or more Coaches in each heat to assist you with technique in your max effort lifting.
*This Saturday Endurance will be at 8AM and 9AM only.

Each 1 hour heat will consist of 3 Parts:
1. Proper PVC/Barbell Warmup for the Olympic Clean
2. Percentage Plan lifting to your 90%  1RM Clean
3. Max Effort Lifts at 90%-103% of your 1RM Clean

7PM Mobility Focus: Bettering your Front Rack Position in preparation for our Front Squat 1RM test on Wednesday.

A. Take 20 minutes-
Hang Power Snatch: Find your heavy 3

CLICK HERE for a video on the Hang Power Snatch!

B. Take 15 Minutes-
Row Time trials-
500 Meter Repeats: 4 attempts, rest as needed
*Recording best and worst times

Tabata: 8 Rounds: 20 ON/ 10 OFF
-Clapping Pushups