7PM Mobility Class: Coach Cara is performing with her Dance Company, “The Seldoms”, this week so Coach Noal is taking back the reins. Come on in and enjoy some good ole’ fashion stretchin’   The focus will be on achieving and/or bettering your overhead position!

A. Take 20 minutes-
Back Squat: Find your heavy 3 using the following pace: (22×1)

B. Take 15 minutes- Gymnastics
HandStand Skill Focus: Kickups and walks
Beginners will be focusing on position and maintaining a tight hollow-body form while working on balance in the movement.
Advanced movers can demonstrate a handstand hold without assistance and will be working on the transitions to start moving across the floor with control.
We will all be working with partners on this one!

10 minute Amrap
5+ Burpees to a 45lb plate
50 Double Unders

WOD Explained: Lets challenge your lungs today with this fun 10 minute amrap inspired by Coach Murph. Each round starts with burpees. Complete 5 burpees on the first round with each burpee ending with your hips in full extension while standing on top of a plate. Every round your burpees increase by 5 while the Double unders stay constant.  “Turbo”? You’re going to need it! 

How far can you go?

Turbo in action, last year's Regionals!

Turbo in action, last year’s Regionals!