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Weekly Schedule: 
– Mon, Tues, Wed & Friday: Noon & 6pm classes. 
– Thursday: 5pm Mobility with Coach Cara.
– Saturday: 9am Team WOD. 
– Sunday: 11am Recovery Yoga with Kristen. 
– “FLATTEN THE CURVE” At Home Lifestyle Challenge: Day 22

*APRIL WEEK 1 CHALLENGE: Accountability is a great motivator for you to stay on the right track to completing your goals. Find an accountability partner to join in the daily Zoom classes. Reach out to someone who needs some motivation or reach out to ask someone to help you stay steady! 
In it together. Stronger Together. 

Defined @ Home Workout

EMOTM: 3 Rounds; 1 minute on/ 15 seconds transition
Single Leg RDL with reach, (left leg) – Video
– Scale up: Perform with weight in goblet position against chest! – Video
Single Leg RDL with reach, (right leg)
Slider Hamstring Curl Negatives – Video
– Perform with a slide board or a towel on a smooth surface.
Twisting Bear – Video

4 Rounds: 3 1/2 minutes ON/ 90 Seconds OFF
Round 1:
Buy in: 200 Meter Run
then Amrap of the following;
Weighted Stepups X 15 reps – Video
Burpee Box Jump Over X 15 reps – Video

Rest 90 seconds

Round 2: Run buy in + Amrap of 12 reps at each station,
Round 3: Run buy in + Amrap of 9 reps at each station,
Round 4: Run buy in + Amrap of 6 reps at each station.

Coaches’ Notes:
For a total of 4 rounds, work for 3.5 minutes, rest for 90 seconds. There will always be a 200 meter run buy in at the top of each round with the rep scheme decreasing with each subsequent round.

Movement Optimization:
*Run: We have a few options for you today. If you are running outside but dont have a 200 meter mapped out: run 30 seconds out + 30 seconds back. If you are running in the hallway of your building, keep it to a total of 1 minute. If you are choosing to stay inside: Perform 1 minute X Wall Sprints. – Video

*Weighted Stepups: Using a DB, KB, weighted backpack or anything you can find in the house that is challenging and mimics the same movement pattern. Step up height should be at least above knee level. Always perform these with a slow and controlled pace for both the up and down. Drive through the heels and alternate legs with each rep. See video!