We’ve proven we’re stronger together. And now it’s time to share our resilience.

Know someone who’s interested in the benefits of functional strength training and conditioning but isn’t sure where to start? Invite them to our FREE, all-levels August Lift n’ Learn to understand our approach and meet our community.

This workout is for ANYONE who is interested in understanding the WHY behind training, eager to learn something new, looking for a training community, and/or isn’t seeing results from their current training program.

How does it work? By signing up for this class you are promising to “bring someone new” to the gym. Someone who is interested in learning about Defined and how we train and possibly joining a future “Foundations” program. Your friend does not need to sign up, you can sign up and that reserves your spot and your friends spot. 

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Front Foot Elevated Split Squat

– Build to a heavy set of 5 per leg
– Depending on mobility of the front hip, use between a 2-4″ height to reverse lunge from.
– Apply a 2 sec. negative tempo on all reps to show control!
– Building x 8 minutes

Every 2.5 minutes X 3 Working Sets;

FFE Split Squat X 5 each leg
– Using working weight from Part A
– Apply tempo to all reps

*Follow each set with 1 set X Strict Chinup + slow negative X 6-12 reps
– All reps have a 2-3 second negative
– Pull or jump to position with chin over the bar!
– Goal is to improve position or increase reps from last week on this!
Rest remaining time of each set!

12 Minute Synchro Team Amrap: Teams of 2;

50 X Single Arm RDL
50 X Abmat Situps
50 X Goblet Step ups (20″ for all)
50 X Single Arm Thruster

*Using the same Db/Kb for all stations. Perform everything in synchro with your partner with the exception of the step ups; perform those by alternating reps.