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Next Foundations, Starts August 23rd & Sept. 13th!

Movement Prep: EMOTM X 3 Rounds; 40 on/ 20 off

Min 1: Single or Double Arm Split Jerk
– Alternate which leg finishes forward with each rep
Min 2: Barbell Good Mornings, wide stance

Split Jerk: Heavy Doubles

– Take 12 minutes, building to heavy 2 for the day!
– 3 sec. pause in catch and 3 sec. pause after legs have been recovered
– Practice front foot first recovery!

EMTOM X 3 Rounds; 40 on/ 20 off
(12 minutes)
Min 1: Split Jerk X unbroken reps
– The 40 seconds of unbroken reps should determine what weight is used for this!
Min 2: Bent Over Row
Min 3: Box Jump, step down
Min 4: Plank up downs

*Use the first round to establish a baseline of reps for each station. Use that number as a goal for rounds 2 and 3!