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Next Foundations, Starts Jan. 3rd!

EMOTM X 3 Rounds ( 6 minutes)

Min 1: Bent Over Barbell Row
– Use supinated grip
– Increase weight each round
– Pause at the top of each rep for a 1 second squeeze
Min 2: Side Plank Leg lifts X 30 sec. each side
– Perform from a short position

Wendler Deadlift (week 1)

When working with a Wendler progression, base your percentages from what is called a “working 1RM”. You can find this number by taking your most current 1RM and multiply it by .9 which will give you 90% of your 1RM which equals your “working 1RM”.
*All percentages below are based on your “working 1RM”

Every 2 minutes;
5×40%, 5×50%, 5×60%
5×65%, 5×75%, 85% X Max Reps, Unbroken till failure! (leave one in the tank)

Row Repeats X 3 Rounds: 2 minutes on/ 2 minutes off; (12 minutes)

Row 500/400 meters AFAP!
*Recording times for each interval!