Pushup Challenge Week 5: Day 2
See Monday’s post for details on how the 2nd Cycle of this Pushup Challenge begins!

**Use todays wod in lieu of your pushup challenge work.**

Class Cancellation:
5:30am and 6:30am Classes cancelled due to weather! All other classes are as scheduled!

Mobility Class: 7pm Lakeview. New Year, New Squat! Come to this mobility class if you are new to CFD! Come to this class if you cannot hit proper squat depth without pain or discomfort, have trouble keeping your knees out, chest up, weight in heels, all of the above, or just want to understand what it takes for a better, more efficient squat!

A. Take 20 minutes-
Bench Press: Heavy 3 with 1 second pause in bottom position.
*Compare scores to 11.27.13

Pause explained: We will be taking a standard from Competition Power Lifting. The 1 second pause will be held just above chest, so every rep is from a deadstop! No pause, no rep! In competition this pause eliminated the ability to bounce the bar off the chest and of course takes out the stretch reflex all together!

B. 4 Rounds:
3 1/2 Minutes of work, 90 seconds of rest.
Max hand release pushups in 1 minute
Row half that number in calories
*Fill remaining time with max reps shoulder to overhead 135/95lbs
*Score is total number of calories and reps completed over all 4 rounds