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Bench Press

– Building in sets of 2s to a heavy for the day
– Take 10 sets, building EMOTM

Break-Switch-Clean X 2 minutes

10 Minute Amrap

Min 1: Supinated Grip Bent Over Row X 10 reps
– building every round, pausing at the top of each rep to show control
Min 2: Kipping Practice X 30 seconds
– Focusing on hitting the superman/hollow positions as seen in video
– Think small manageable sets
L1: Kip Swing
L2: Kipping Pullups
L3: Kipping Chest to Bar
L4: Kipping Bar Muscle Up

3 Rounds: 30 seconds on/ 15 seconds off X 9 minutes

Single arm Snatch X Left side
Alternating Vups
Single arm Snatch X Right side
Superman Rock / Hold

*Completing as many reps as possible for each station in time given.

Score is total reps completed for the snatches and vups, 1 big number for each round! Record on Sugarwod!