Have any friends or family that are interested in joining the Defined community! 
D.M. Coach Cara for details. [email protected]

Next Foundations, Starts Feb. 14th 
(8 spots in each)

Every 3 minutes x 3 Rounds;

Turkish Getup to Situp X 3 reps,
Situp to Bridge X 3 reps,
Bridge to Standing Press X 3 reps
*Repeat on both sides with moderate weight KB
*Follow each side Plank or Star Plank X 30 seconds each side!
Rest remaining of each round!

Seated Strict Press

– Build to heavy set of 3 for the day
– Take 12 minutes, using a box or bench to sit on.

Team Sprints: Teams of 2

10 minute Amrap
Russian KB Swing X 5 reps, unbroken and heavy
Box Jumps X 5 reps
Vups X 5 reps

*You go, I go! With only 1 partner working at a time!
*Score is total rounds and reps completed as a team!