Week’s Preview: Week 4/4
Wednesday: Bench Press
Friday: Back Squat or Overhead Squat

Split Squat
– 3 reps per side
– 1st rep ONLY: 3 seconds down, 3 second pause in bottom position, then complete 2 reps with no tempo, per side
– Take 10 minutes building to heavy working weight, goal is to feel more comfortable with the movement and/or add weight from last week to your working sets.
* Advanced Scaling: If your Split Squat technique is on point, try the Zercher Split Squat option!

Every 3 minutes for 3 Rounds:
Complete the following;
Min 1: Split Squat X 5 reps each side (no tempo)
Min 2: Bent Over Single Arm DB Row
Min 3: Single Arm Plank X 30 sec. each side

5 Rounds: Perform every 2.5 minutes
Single Arm Snatch X 10 reps, (left side)
Burpees X 10 reps
Single Arm Snatch X 10 reps, (right side)
Box Jumps X 10 reps

*Rest remaining time of each round!
*Choose a DB/KB weight that is challenging but allows you to perform all 10 unbroken.


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