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Next Foundations, Starts July 19th!

Pushpress + Split Jerk

– 1+1
– Build to heavy for the day
– 8 sets, 1 set every 90 seconds
– Week 3/4 on this progression!

3 Rounds: Every 2 minutes; (6 minutes)

Bent Over Barbell Row X 10-12 reps
– Pause at the top of each rep for 1 second
– Using no more than 65% of heavy from Part A
Wall Climb X 1-3 reps
– Work no longer than 40 seconds at this station
– Choose a rep range that works for your current strength and conditioning
– Optimize with a Wall Climb to Hold for 30 seconds if needed
Rest remaining of each round!

12 Minute Amrap

10 X Single arm Snatch
1 X Turkish Get-down
10 X Single arm Floor Press
1 X Turkish Get-up
*Repeat complex all on the Left Side then all on the Right Side before
400 Meter X Run