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Next Foundations, Starts August 9th!

Pre Class Mobility X 5 Minutes
Mobility ball X Glutes & Hip Flexors
* Spend 5 minutes with the lacrosse ball exploring the tight muscles of your glutes and hips. A great release for lower back pain, squatting and deadlifting.

Movement Prep X 6 minutes

Zercher Bulgarian Split Squats
– Building in sets of 5s per side
*Use this time to get comfortable with the lift and add weight for your working sets!

Every 3 minutes X 3 Rounds; (9 minutes)
Min 1: Zercher BSS X 8-10 reps per leg
Min 2: 1/2 Kneeling Single Arm Press
– Using 1 1/4 pacing X 4-6 reps per side
– 1 1/4 pacing: Pause halfway up, come back down and pause then finish a full ROM rep.

9 Rounds for time; (11 minute cap)

3 X ManMakers
– Each rep consists of: a pushup, left arm row, right arm row, squat clean thruster
– Can be performed with a single or double arm kb/db
30 X Double Unders
* If you finish with time left on the clock, perform a plank, any style, with time remaining!