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Sumo Deadlift

– Building in sets of 3
– Take 7 sets, 1 set every 90 seconds
– Apply a 3 second down tempo with every rep!

EMOTM X 4 Rounds; (19 minutes)

Min 1: Deadlift
– Reduce weight to no more than 45% of Deadlift 1rm. Something you can perform multiple sets of 5s with, touch and go, with minimal rest in between
– 40 seconds of work
Min 2: Strict Toes to Bar
– Optimize to V-ups
– 40 seconds of work
Min 3: Box Jumps X 1 minute
Min 4: Side Plank X 30 seconds each side
Min 5: Rest X 1 minute

*Use the first round to establish a baseline of reps for Minutes 1-3. Use your first round numbers as a goal for all subsequent rounds!