Schedule Change: Effective Immediately! 
Please Make Note: Starting Monday, June 15th;

All class times will reflect a 15-minute transition time between classes. This will help us continue sanitizing efficiently, be available to greet all of our members and answer any questions you may have after class. 

Lastly, we have also edited some of our RSVP rules: 

  1. Booking window to schedule a class is now 5 days and 1 hour ahead,
  2. Cancellation policy to cancel a class is now 8 hours.

New Schedule: Monday – Friday: 
5:30am / 6:45am / 8am
10:45am / 12pm
4pm / 5:15pm / 6:30pm / 7:45pm
*Open gym: 1pm, 2pm, & 3pm does not change on Mon/Wed/Fri. 

Weekends: 8am / 9:15am / 10:30am / 11:45am / 1pm

2 Rounds: 1 minute on/ 15 seconds off (8 min)
Single Arm Bottoms Up Cossack Squats
– Using a light KB,
– Alternating sides with each rep,
– Switch arms at the 30 sec. mark
– Optimize to Single Arm front rack or goblet position if needed!
Barbell Kang Squat
Prone Swimmers
– Using an abmat to support the head

Power Clean + Hang Power Clean + Pushpress + Push Jerk
– (1+1+1+1)
– Building to heavy working weight over 10 minutes
– No fails!

Amrap X “DT”

3 Rounds: 3 Minutes ON/ 1 Minute OFF (11 minutes)
12 X Deadlifts
9 X Hang Power Cleans
6 X Push Jerks

– Using light weight, no more than 50% of C&J 1rm.
– Goal is to hold onto the barbell for as many reps and as many unbroken sets as possible. Pick something you can move with for the full 3 minutes with minimal breaks/rest!
– Pick up where you left off at the beginning of each round!