Back Squat
– Warmup up to a challenging 5 rep working weight,
– Take 10 minutes, building in sets of 5s,
– Apply a 1 second pause in bottom position for each rep
*Goal for today is to get heavier than last week and/or more comfortable with your squat technique.

Perform the following: Every 2.5 minutes X 3 Rounds; (8 minutes)
Back Squat X 5 reps with pause
– Using working weight from Part A. 
*Follow with: Side Plank X 30 seconds each side
– Perform from long or short position, choose one that allows you to hold for the full 30 seconds unbroken.
– Optimize up: Add leg Abduction!
Rest remaining of each round!

10 Minute Amrap
10 X Barbell Overhead squats
– Optimize to Front squats if needed!
10 X Single Arm Renegade Row
– Alternating arms every rep
30 X Double Unders
– Optimize to 60 Singles if needed!