Dear Defined Community, 

We are here for you in this unprecedented time of need.

In light of the developing and ongoing impacts of COVID-19, we have made the extremely difficult decision to temporarily close, beginning Tuesday, March 17th through Monday, March 30th. The health and safety of you and our coaching staff are at the forefront of this decision, as we commit to solving this problem alongside our fellow small business owners and surrounding communities.

Your health is our priority. Beginning Tuesday, we will be offering a 14-day, online lifestyle challenge: Flatten the Curve.” We believe in the resilience of this community, and we’re here to see you through this.
You can expect:

  • Daily at-home workouts programmed by your coaches, available via our website and social media platforms
  • Video previews and demonstrations of each programmed workout
  • Daily challenges that pertain to your sleep, movement, water intake, nutrition, and mindset. Details will be released shortly. 
  • Equipment lending. Details coming soon for a Wednesday pickup and sign-out of equipment. 

Our goal is to maintain and elevate the strength of our community through fitness that brings us together in times when connection is limited. More details about our 14-day challenge will be released early Tuesday.

We hope you’ll join the movement. Sign up here.

Closing the gym was not an easy decision for us, please know that your support is integral for a small business like ours during these unprecedented times, and that your membership ensures the employment and wellness of our coaching staff. As we continue to support you through these tough times, we appreciate and recognize your continued support during our hardest time. 

We are committed to being more than a gym for our community. Let’s all stay positive, take the necessary precautions for our self and the ones we care about. Stay home, stay healthy, read a book, clean out your junk drawer and we will see you soon!  

For continued updates, please visit our Website and follow us on Instagram.

Team Defined

Defined @ Home Workout:

3 Minutes ON / 1 Minute Rest (15 minutes, 1 round/30 minutes, 2 rounds)
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 3 minutes,
– Option to go through all 4 Amraps for 1 round or 2!
– Rest 1 minute before moving to the next Amrap,
– Use equipment if you have it.
– Defined will be offering an equipment check-out starting Wednesday! Get in line to get some at-home gear on loan. Stay tuned for more details on pickup times!
– Find “DEFINED GYM AT HOME” on SPOTIFY PLAYLIST Each AMRAP is the duration of each song on the list.
Post-workout and tag @crossfitdefined 

3 Minute Amrap “Stupid Love”
40 X Double Unders or Lateral Hops
20 X Step-Ups or Box Jumps to an elevated surface
– knee level or higher

Rest 1 minute

3 Minute Amrap “Starships”
10 X Burpees 
20 X Overhead squats
– using a towel, pvc, broom stick, etc..

Rest 1 minute

3 Minute Amrap “Despacito”
20 X Tuck Up to V-Up 
– Tuck up + Vup = 2 reps
40 X Mountain Climber
– Right + Left = 2 reps
– If you have EQUIPMENT: Sub Mt Climber for 20 X KB or DB Swing

Rest 1 minute

3 Minute Amrap “Savage”
Max Effort Plank!