Paleo Day 2! If you are part of this 30 Day Challenge, please make sure you have taken before pics, measurements and weighed in! Our Sticker progress charts are starting to post at both facilities, make sure you get yours on the board! Prize to the participant with the most stickers at the end of the challenge. 100 Points is the maximum!

Boxing and Fighters Conditioning is back! Fernando is also back with drills and skills, conditioning and more to take your endurance to the next level! For all levels, no experience needed! Starting this Thursday night 8pm!

7pm Lakeview Mobility Focus: Free your hips! How to better your squat by focusing on hip capsule and medial leg!

A. Hang Power Clean: 8 sets of 3
Find Heavy 3 with 1 second pause above knee.
*Compare results to 1.15.14

B. Romanian Deadlift: (65% of backsquat 1rm)
4 Sets of 3 with 1 second pause in bottom position.
Rest 1 minute between sets

C. 2011 CrossFit Open WOD: 11.2 and a half
7 1/2 minute Amrap
Conventional Deadlift 155/100lbs x 9
Pushups x 12
Box Jumps 24/20″ x 15