7pm Mobility with Coach Cara: Runner’s Mobility with focus on medial and lateral part of your leg including: IT Band, Glute Medius and Calf!

A. BackSquat: 6 Sets
Week 3/3
*Week 3 of 3. Last time we did this was on 4/30. If you have been able to complete all sets for the 3 week challenge, add 10lbs for men and 5lbs for women to your 70% effort sets. If this is your first time doing this stick with the percentages as is. We have increased 10/5lbs every week for 3 weeks.

B. 5 Rounds: 3 Minutes ON
Hang Power Clean 135/95lbs X 5
Air Squats X 10
Abmats X 15
1 Minute Rest
-At the beginning of each round pick up where you left off from the previous round.
*Recording total rounds and reps completed over 5 rounds.

C. Bonus Round: Optional
1 max unbroken set of Wallballs 20/14lbs
followed by,
1 max effort Plank

Fittest Best Looking Spectators Ever!  CFD PROUD!

Fittest Best Looking Spectators Ever! CFD PROUD!