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Next Foundations, Starts November 15th & Dec. 6th.

Clean + PushPress + Split Jerk

– Build to heavy (1+1+1) for the day
– Your heavy for the day will be limited by your Pushpress 1rep max
– Make small jumps, get a true feel for your Pushpress capacity today
– Take 14 minutes

Team WOD: Teams of 2

16 Minute Amrap
Partner 1:
Runs 400 meters or Rows 500/400 meters
Partner 2:
Completes max Cycles of “The Bear” or “The Bull”

*Barbell weight should be light, no more than 40% of 1rm C&J or no more than 50% of heavy from Part A.

*Partners VOTE and must agree on which movement complex they want to use prior to starting workout!

“The Bear Complex”
Power Clean + Front Squat + Jerk + Back Squat + Jerk
“The Bull Complex”
Power Snatch + OHS + Backrack Pushpress + OHS + Backrack Pushpress