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Next Foundations, Starts Oct. 4th & 18th

Pressing Prep: Every 2 minutes X 3 Rounds;

TGU Complex: Perform a TGU to standing, then perform a Strict press X 1, Pushpress X 2 and Push Jerk X 3 reps. Perform a Turkish Get down and repeat on other side!
*Fill rest of time with max reps: Double Unders or Single Unders

Strict Press: Heavy single!

– Build to heavy single for the day!
– Take 8 sets, every 90 seconds.
– Suggested Rep Scheme: 5-4-4-3-2-1-1-1
*Compare loads to first week on last cycle!

For time: (14 minute cap)

Double Unders
Russian KB Swings
– Using a moderate to light weight