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Next Foundations, Starts Sept. 6th & 20th

3 Rounds: 40 on/ 20 off: (6 minutes)

Kang Squats
– Building in small increments for each round
– Move slow and reverse through positions back to standing
Depth Drops (plyometric)
– Landing just above parallel with hips back.
– Landing should look and feel like a back squat position with hips and heels loaded with full tripod foot connected to ground.

Back Squat

– Build to a heavy set of 1 + 1
– 2nd rep has a 10 second isometric pause in the bottom!
– Take 12 minutes

15 Minute “Cindy” Amrap

5/3 X Pullups
10/7 X Pushups
15 X Air Squats to target