Fight 2 Give Charity Event – Nov 2nd

Week of Testing: Day 2, Deadlift and Bench press 1rm test to follow on Wednesday.

7pm Mobility Class: (lakeview) Partner Stretching with Gymnastics Coach Cara!  You do not need to bring in a partner in order to participate.

7pm Outdoor CrossFit Endurance  with Coach Mark: Endurance will meet Tuesday at the Barry and Lakeshore Drive location at 7:00 p.m. All workouts will be scaled for anyone new to endurance.  

A. Row time Trial-
Come in and find out!

B. “Shankle Complex”-
5 Rounds: 3 cycles of the following
1 Clean Pull
3 Hang Clean Pulls
1 Hang Clean
2 Jerks (any style)
-Cannot drop bar until 3 cycles are completed
-Must add weight each round
-Rest as needed between sets
*25 minute time cap

Watch : 440LB 1 cycle of the Shankle Complex by Donny Shankle Himself!