Lift Big, Week 2:  A perfect end to the last 2 weeks of Big Lifting would be to host a “Max Effort Day”: Focus will be on the Full Squat Clean. This Saturday 4/27 from 10-1pm.  This will be 1 of many “Max Effort Days” we will be hosting in the future.

“Lift Heavy, Drop Shit!”   Please click on this link to register and hold your spot.  There will be 3 Heats, each heat will be 1 hour long.  We will take up to 25 people in each heat, and there will be 3 or more Coaches in each heat to assist you with technique in your max effort lifting.
*This Saturday Endurance will be at 8AM and 9AM only.

Each 1 hour heat will consist of 3 Parts:
1. Proper PVC/Barbell Warm-up for the Olympic Clean
2. Percentage Plan lifting to your 90%  1RM Clean
3. Max Effort Lifts at 90%-103% of your 1RM Clean

*All beginners on our program should not be attempting 1RM for most lifts. Until you have the necessary mobility, stability, and have demonstrated proper mechanics in the required movement; you should either be on a 5 or 3RM scheme.

If you have been with us a while and find yourself plateauing or struggling to maintain growth with any single movement; mobility might be your answer. Sometimes taking a step back, evaluating position and establishing a long term approach to increasing mobility in any specific area might just be the key!

A. Take 20 minutes-
Front Squat: Find your 1RM for the day
Beginners: 3 months or less experience with CFD coming 3-5 days per week consistently, perform Sets of 5
Intermediate: 3+ to 6 months experience, Find your heavy 3
Advanced: 6+ months or more, Establish your 1RM.

B. For time:
*10 min. time cap
(Compare scores from 9.24.12)

C. Time Trial-
1 Mile RUN: Attack it with max effort or cooldown with a slowed pace, its up to you!
-Option to sub 1600 meter Row if necessary