A1. Take 15 minutes-
Muscle Snatch: Find your 1 rep max for the day.
*Compare scores to 12.7.12

A2. Take 10 minutes-
Snatch Grip Romanian Deadlift- Percentages are based on your 1RM Back squat

B. Take 12 minutes-
Pull-up strength work: 5 Sets, rest as needed
Advanced: Weighted pullups, using same weight for each round. 5+ reps per set
Intermediate: Strict pullups no band, 8+ reps per set
Beginner: Partner assisted pullups, 10+ reps per set

10 minute Amrap
5+ Burpees to a 45lb plate
50 Double Unders
*Compare scores to 4.9.13

WOD Explained: Lets challenge your lungs today with this fun 10 minute amrap inspired by Coach Murph. Each round starts with burpees. Complete 5 burpees on the first round with each burpee ending with your hips in full extension while standing on top of a plate. Every round your burpees increase by 5 while the Double unders stay constant.  “Turbo”? You’re going to need it!

How far can you go?

Tyler and Murph, Event 5

Tyler and Murph, Event 5