A. Take 15 minutes-
Bulgarian Split Squat:
Beginner: Sets of 10 per leg, bodyweight or PVC.
Intermediate: Sets of 8 per leg, using KB or DB in hands, add weight.
Advanced: Find your heavy 5 per leg with back rack barbell, add weight, get heavy, move right!

Single Leg Strength explained – a basic definition is an athletes ability to produce balance, coordination, power, and strength while balancing on one leg.

Your single leg strength doesn’t get tested in a double leg movement like the squat. In fact many athletes with imbalances in strength from left to right can go for years without realizing it if they do not ever train single leg movements. Having balance between your legs and hips is essential to preventing injury. If you have imbalances and you are struggling to see improvement in your double leg strength it is possible that the imbalance is holding you back. Single leg strength is also very important for running since every stride you take is a single leg effort.
So in conclusion, here are SOME of the benefits of the Bulgarian Split Squat

  • Helps determine if there is an imbalance between one leg and the other.
  • Helps improve athletic (and life) performance – there aren’t many sports we play or things we do in everyday life that don’t require us to stand, run, leap, walk, jump, etc on one leg.
  • Helps improve hip stability and function. Single leg training targets what’s known as the lateral sub-system (glute medius & adductor complex on one leg, and the quadratus lumborum on the opposite leg).
  • Makes people of the opposite/same sex want to hang out with you. :)
  • Helps improve single-leg strength, which in turn, almost always translates to increased strength in the bigger, more common lifts like squats and deadlifts.
  • Helps reduce axial loading and gives the spine a bit of a break from the grind of constantly lifting heavy stuff.

Furthermore, single leg training helps to fix or alleviate many of the issues that cause chronic knee, lower back, and hip pain.

B. Take 12 minutes-
Turkish Getup: Using KBs, DBs, or a barbell.
-Perform 4 TGUs, alternating sides.
-Take this time to work on your technique with the movement or challenge yourself by getting heavy.

C. For time-
KB Swings 70/55lbs
Toes to bar (may sub v-ups for T2B if needed)
*8 minute time cap

Frayne and Lib bringing it home!

Frayne and Lib bringing it home!