30 Day Paleo Challenge is over!

We will be posting information on how to handle the next few weeks and how to come off the Challenge the right way!  Dont forget to take: Pictures, measurements, and weight Post Challenge!

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A1. Romanian Deadlift:
8 Sets: Find your heavy 5

A2. Bulgarian Split Squat Rebounds:
8 Sets of 5, each side, weighted.

B. Team WOD: Teams of 2
12 Minute Amrap
Station 1: Db/KB Power Clean and Jerk 55/35lbs, alternating
Station 2: OH plate Lunge to Rower 45/25lbs,
Row 100 meters, OH plate Lunge back to Station 1.

*The time it takes for 1 partner to lunge to rower, row 100 meters, and lunge back is the time partner 2 is at station 1 performing max reps Power clean and jerks.
**Score is max reps Power Clean and Jerks performed.
***There is a twist to this workout, you have to come in to find out!***