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Barbell Reverse Lunge

– Take 8 minutes, 5 Sets building in sets of 5 per leg to working weight
– Tempo: 2 sec. negative for each rep

Every 2.5 minutes X 3 working Sets (8 minutes)

Barbell Reverse Lunge X 5 reps each side
– Using working weight from Part A.
– Apply the 2 second negative tempo for each rep
*Follow with Tall Kneeling Dual KB/DB Pushpress X 8-10 reps
– Can also be performed with a single arm.

EMOTM X 4 Rounds; (12 minutes) 40 on/ 20 off

Min 1: RDL + Bent Over row
– Using no more than 50% of C&J 1rm, 60% of Snatch or 35% of Back Squat. The weight should be something you can perform at least 10 reps in a row with control and good form!
Min 2: Walking Plate Pushups or HSPU
Min 3: Russian Twists with plate

*Use your first round to establish a baseline set of reps for each station. Once you have that number that is your goal number for rounds 2-4.