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Next Foundations, Starts Jan. 3rd!

Turkish Getup Complex: Perform Every 3 minutes X 3 rounds;

TGU to Situp X 3 reps,
TGU to Bridge X 5 reps,
to 1/2 kneeling press X 7 reps,
to Single arm Swing X 9 reps
*Perform on each side
*Follow each with Extended Plank X 30 seconds
– Hollow position with arms in front of shoulders.
Rest remaining

Partner WOD: Teams of 2: “You go, I go!

1 Minute on/ 1 minute off X 2 rounds: Max reps at each station!
Min 0-2: Single arm Snatch,
min 2-4: Single arm Devils Press,
Min 4-6: Single arm Hang Clean + Reverse Lunge,
Min 6-8: Single arm Thruster
Min 8-10: Burpees over KB/DB
Min 11: Rest

*Score is total reps for each round completed as a team!