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Next Foundations, Starts Dec. 6th.

Bench Press

– Building in sets of 10s
– Take 6 sets, every 90 seconds
*Follow each set with: Prone W Rotations X 12 reps
– Using no weight or 2.5lb plates in each hand

Break-Switch-Clean X 2 minutes

9 Minute Amrap

HS Hold X 30 seconds
Side Plank X 30 seconds each side
Kip Swing + Kipping Pullup (1+1) X 10-20 reps
– Banded or bodyweight
Superman Extension Hold X 30 seconds
Rest as needed after each round
– Goal is 2-3 rounds completed

7 Minute Amrap

Dynamic Pushups X 10 reps
Inverted Barbell Row X 10 reps
Double Unders X 30 reps
*Immediately following:
3 Minute Plank to Flutter Kick!
– Perform a plank for as long as possible, once failed, finish rest of time with Flutter kicks!