A. Conventional Deadlift
Beginners: 3 months or less experience with CFD coming 3-5 days per week consistently, find your heavy 5
Intermediate: 3+ to 6 months experience, Find your heavy 3
Advanced: 6+ months or more, Establish your 1RM for the day.
*Compare to 12.18.13 and 9.25.13

B. Not for time Circuit: 3 Rounds
Single Leg RDL: 45 On/15 Off – left side
Single Leg RDL: 45 On/15 Off – right side
Farmers Carry with DB or KB – 2 minutes, max distance
Row 400 meters
Rest as needed

WOD Notes:
Take your time with the Single leg RDLs. Work on finding balance and stability in movement. The slower the better. Goal is to stay on 1 foot for entire 45 seconds. Choose a weight that allows you to maintain position. Having trouble staying balanced? Take off those chunky shoes and see if you shine!

The Farmer’s Carry is great for reinforcing good shoulder position and challenging your grip strength and core.

Use the Row as an active recovery or approach it with a sprint effort mindset!

Sledge on Tire