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Next Foundations, Starts Jan. 17th

11 Minute Amrap

Hip Thrust
Sets of 10s
– Building and getting comfortable with the movement and technique

Rest/Clean/Transition X 2 minutes

11 Minute Amrap

Strict Chinups X Submax
– Goal is 8 or more
– If you dont have strict chin-ups yet, perform Chinup negatives. Start with chin above bar and lower slowly, ideally you want a 2-3 second controlled descent with each rep. Perform as many as you can while maintaining the negative tempo.
Follow with:
Russian Plate Twist X 20 reps each side
Side Plank Leg Abduction X 20 reps each side
– Perform from short position as seen in video

Tabata X 8 Rounds
@ each station;
Resting 1 minute between stations
Goblet Stepups
Row/Bike for Calories