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Next Foundations, Starts March 21st & April 11th!
(9 spots in each)

2021 DEFINED INTRAMURAL, starts this Friday: Click for more info!

Bulgarian Split Squats;

Perform 4-6 reps each leg
– Using a barbell on backrack
– Optimize to double KBS or DBS
3 X Warmup Sets, every 2 minutes;
– Building to working weight load

3 X Working Sets, every 3 minutes;
BSS X 4-6 reps each leg
*Follow each working set with Side Plank X 30 seconds each side
– Optimize up to Starfish Plank if you can hold for at least 20 seconds. each side.

10 minute Amrap
5+ OH Plate Lunges, alternating 
(Plate Lunges increase by 5 reps each round)
50 X Double Unders 
– Optimize: 1 Minute of Double Under Practice or 100 X Single Unders

Tabata Core Burner: Athlete’s Choice;

20 on/ 10 off; X 6-8 Rounds
Toes to Bar, Vups or Abmats!