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WHEN: MARCH 17th – APRIL 7th 
WHAT:  At Home Lifestyle Challenge

Defined @ Home Workout: Day #9/22 Mandatory Quarantine;

Tabata: 20 on/ 10 off X 10 Rounds (5 minutes)
4 Square Drill – Video
R1: 1-2 (2 feet)
R2: 2-3 (2 feet)
R3: 1-3-2 (2 feet)
R4: 1-3-2-4 (2 feet)
R5: Your choice, pick 4 numbers (2 feet)
R6: 1-2 (single leg, right)
R7: 2-1 (single leg, left)
R8: 1-3-2 (single leg, right)
R9: 2-4-1 (single leg, left)
R10: Your choice, pick 4 numbers (single leg)

Coaches’ Notes:
Work for 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds for a total of 10 Rounds. Draw 2 lines on the floor and label them with the numbers 1-4 as depicted in the video! If you are following our Noon-Zoom classes, Coach Kevin & Cara will be calling out the numbers for you. If you are on your own, follow our 10 round suggestion above. Stay on the balls of your feet, minimize contact with the floor and move quick!

For time: (20 Minute cap)
42-30-18 reps of the following;
Pushup Variation
Sumo Deadlift High Pull – Video
V-Up + Tuck-Up (2 reps) – Video
Run 400 meters

*If you finish with time left on the clock, perform a max plank (any style) or wall sit with time remaining!

Coaches’ Notes:
Perform 42 reps of each movement then run 400 meters, perform 30 reps of each movement, run 400 meters, complete 18 reps of each then run 400 meters. With any time left on the clock, perform a max plank or wall sit with time remaining!

Movement Optimization:

*Pushup Variation: Choose a variation on the Pushup or Handstand Pushup that you can complete for the full 90 reps. Options include: Handstand pushup: kipping or strict, hand release pushups, clapping pushups, pushups from toes or knees, offset pushups, wide or narrow grip pushups. Feel free to vary the style as you progress!

*Sumo Deadlift HighPull: Using a Db, Kb or any object that you can find in the house that is challenging and mimics the same movement pattern. This weight can be as heavy as you can maintain good form.

*V-up + Tuck-up: Each rep counts as 2. Vup + tuck up = 2 reps

*Run: We have a few options for you today. If you are running outside but dont have a 400 meter mapped out: run 1 minute out, run 1 minute back. If you are running in the hallway of your building, keep it to a total of 2 minutes. If you are choosing to stay inside: Perform 1 Minute X Wall Sprints + 1 Minute X Mountain Climbers – Video #1 + Video #2