Holiday Schedule Note:
We will be closed this Thursday with modified holiday hours Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Please make sure to check the schedule for all updates. 

A. Take 20 minutes-
Bench Press: Heavy 3 with 1 second pause in bottom position.
*Compare scores to 10.25.13

Pause explained: We will be taking a standard from the Power Lifting competition that many of our athletes participated in last month. The 1 second pause will be held just above chest, so every rep is from a deadstop! No pause, no rep! In competition this pause eliminated the ability to bounce the bar off the chest and of course takes out the stretch reflex all together!

B. 4 Rounds:
3 Minutes of work, 90 seconds of rest.
1 minute: Max Calorie Row
2 minutes: Double the amount of calories rowed in the first minute and perform that number in pushups. Use the remaining amount of time to complete as many Jerks as possible. 135/95lbs
*Score is total number of calories and reps completed overall