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Next Incentive: Anyone who raises $100 or more by this Saturday will be put into a drawing for an Official Military Grade, made in the USA, Ammo case, full of Duke Cannon Soap!  

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Last year, 2nd Annual Halloween Party, Lou dressed as the Duke of all soaps

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A. Take 20 minutes-
Wendler(Plus) Week 2:
Warmup Sets: 5×40%, 5×50%, 5×60%
Work Sets: 3×70%, 3×80%, 90%x max reps
Plus Sets: 90%x3x3, rest 1 minute between sets

We are starting another linear progression on the Deadlift using the Wendler approach. This time around we will be performing a “Wendler Plus Cycle.” The linear progression of percentages are identical to the regular Wendler program each week with the exception of the “Plus Sets”.
We will still perform 1 “max reps set” at the end of every work set  each week  and that is the number we will be recording.  The “Plus Sets” will immediately follow our max reps set. We will take that same weight and perform 3 sets of 3.

Shoulder Pre-Hab Circuit: 3 Rounds
Band pulls X 20
Y,T,W,I plate raises X 10 each movement

C. Tabata: 20 On/10 off
Row for max distance
Pushups for max reps with Handstand holds on the rest intervals
Jumping Lunges, alternating, with Lunge holds on the rest intervals
*Recording your max distance rowed, total number of pushups completed and total number of lunges completed. 3 numbers!

RSVP for our Halloween party, how could you miss this? LOL

RSVP for our Halloween party, how could you miss this? LOL