Paleo 30 Day Challenge Starting next Monday, September 16th, 2013. Join our PALEO FORUM  to register for the challenge! Recipes, motivation, quotes, photos, accountability and more. Joining our Facebook Forum does not register you for the workshop.

Paleo Q & A workshop: In order to attend our Paleo workshop you need to register  on our website and/or click here!  Anybody interested in learning more about the Paleo challenge, hear from all of our coaches on their personal experiences with the lifestyle as well as asking any and all questions regarding the challenge;  please register.

**After registering: download the 30 Day Paleo packet  from Facebook, read  it this week, and bring all your questions to the Q & A we are hosting at our Lincoln Square facility! This Saturday: Noon-1:30pm

A. E.O.M.O.T.M- 16 Rounds
Odd minutes: Push press 135/95lbs, max effort, 30 seconds on
Even minutes: Toes to bar X 10, unbroken

Volume work (V): On all odd rounds perform max reps pushpress at weight chosen for 30 seconds. On even rounds perform 10 toes to bar. The first round you fail to complete all 10 reps, whatever number you were able to perform unbroken you keep for all rounds following. Alternate between the two stations for 16 minutes or 8 rounds each.

B. 3 Rounds: 1 minute on, 15 second transition
Farmer’s Carry: 2 handed, heavy as you can handle!
-Active rest: Band Pulls

C. 9 Minute Amrap
9 Kb Swings 70/55lbs
11 Box jumps 24/20″


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