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DM Coach Cara for details at [email protected]

Next Foundations: September 26th. 

New Cycle Starts this week: Week 1/4

Strength Focus: Front Squat
Conditioning Elements: Pallof press, Copenhagen Plank, Wallballs, Sandbag Cleans, Abmats

Strength Focus: Conventional Deadlift, Dips
Conditioning Elements: Rowing, Burpee Box Jump Overs, slam balls

Conditioning Elements: Doubles, Toes to Bar, Running, Power Snatches, Power Clean & Jerks, Russian Twists

Strength Focus: Standing Strict 90° Press, inverted rows, Turkish Getups
Conditioning Elements: Single Arm OH Lunge, Swing, box jump

*Full training details can be found in SugarWOD. Contact us at [email protected] for access.