By committing to another year of Defined Intramurals, you’ve committed to making our team stronger. Whether this was your first or third year participating in our team version of The Open, we’re proud of your willingness to take on new challenges in an effort to reveal hidden capabilities. Some of the best PRs happen when they’re least expected, and Defined Intramurals help us experience exactly that. 

Congratulations to Team Dolphins for your dedication and participation!

Side Practice Coffee will be at Defined on Friday, 4/9 between 10:30AM – 1:15PM to help you celebrate. No need to be in class; just stop by for some quality, caffeinated treats and to hang with your teammates. 

Dolphin Champions .jpeg

Congratulations to our top team competitors!

These athletes scored the most points for their teams during Defined Intramurals:

1st Place Team Dolphins

Jill W. & Sam Z. 

Joe N. & Ryan K. 

2nd Place Team Lions

Anita K. & Abby H. 

Alan B. & Jason K. 

3rd Place Team Wolves

Coach Cara & Claudia C. 

Michael K. & William R. 

4th Place Team Bears

Coach Allyn & Michelle B. 

Justin J. & Devin O. 

Most importantly, thank you for making Defined Intramurals a success, time and time again. More than 150 athletes participated this year, and for us, that’s huge. To see more than half of our community sign up to support one another makes us proud. Because of you, we continue to be more than a gym.

Stay strong. 

Team Defined